How to plan a tour to Nepal ?

Planning a trip or tour can be a daunting task, especially if you plan for Nepal Tour. You need to consider so many things such as where to start, where to go, and what to do. Besides, the most important thing to finalize is the budget. Based on the budget only, you can make a perfect tour plan and places to visit there. If you are searching for the best tour plan to Nepal, then you are at right place. Here is the quick guide that contains everything you need to plan your trip to Nepal.

A guide to planning a trip to Nepal:

This guide is very useful for all who wish to have a travel to Nepal. It is easy to follow the guidelines as it is provided in a simple step. Hence, go through it completely, plan accordingly, and have a nice trip to Nepal.

Find the reason to visit Nepal:

Before planning a tour, the first step you have to do is discovering the purpose to have a tour to Nepal. The answer is more but people mainly visit Nepal for five things such as.


Culture and heritage

Adventure activities


Jungle safaris

Therefore, you must research places to see in Nepal based on your preference and make necessary arrangements to have fun.

Right time to visit Nepal:

After choosing the reason to visit Nepal, next you should decide the time of year you plan your trip because it is very important. Weather and season are quite different in Nepal. Some activities you can do based on the time of year. So, plan according to the climate of Nepal like Spring, Summer (best time to visit), Autumn, Winter, festivals, and Itineraries.

Do necessary planning and booking activities:

You can save your pocket by booking something before but do not book everything. This step divides into two parts such as flights/hotels/packing list and trek/jungle/heritage tour. Hence, plan on what you need to book in advance and how you can save money.


While preparing a tour, you have to give more importance for transportation as different kinds transport facility you can access to reach and getting around in Nepal. Transportation facility includes taxi, buses, car, flights, train, and on foot. Each of them has its own fare and time duration to reach the destination. Therefore, you need to plan beforehand to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Explore Nepal:

If you have done everything right, then you can enjoy travel and explore Nepal to have fun and enjoyment. Even you can take a guide to explore more around the Nepal.



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